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Effortlessly Collect & Store Fine Wine

Vaulted allows connoisseurs to collect, trade, and enjoy fine wines without the hassle of shipping on each trade, or managing a residential cellar. Vaulted’s secure digital certificates let collectors own wines with full provenance and storage history – without any bottle leaving the cellar until the day it is ready to be enjoyed.

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We are wine people

Rooted in the heart of the Stellenbosch wine region.

Vaulted Wine, in partnership with the Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West, is a leading wine vault for secure NFT-based trading. Wine producers are invited to consign wines to the vault for listing.

Vaulted's secure wine ownership certificates can be traded on the platform, or on trusted NFT markets across the Web. Vaulted's technology is built by Fanfire, a specialist Web3 solutions company that is part of the Stellenbosch-based Alphawave Group. 

Each ownership certificate (NFT) represents a specific case or wine, or a rare bottle. Collectors can purchase and trade the NFTs without removing wine from the vault until it is ready to be enjoyed. Only the current NFT owner can redeem their wine from the vault.

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Why collect wine digitally?

Convenient &

Your wines rest securely in the vault, under perfect cellar conditions, until you are ready to redeem and enjoy them. Build up your digital cellar now; collect, ship or trade later.

Purchase your wines with any major credit card, or even cryptocurrency.

Freely trade digital ownership certificates

All wine collectors are investors. For many, the return is the enjoyment of a perfectly-aged vintage. For all, wine is an asset that could be traded – perhaps to collect something even more exquisite. With Vaulted, the NFT ownership certificates can be traded without wines ever leaving the vault.

Fine wine as an investment class

Like real estate or art, fine wine is an asset that can both appreciate over time and be enjoyed. Premium wine has shown a return of nearly 11% p/a over the last 30 years, outperforming other equity markets during the same period. Vaulted is the perfect way to add fine wines to your investment portfolio.

The ideal way to collect fine wines

Wines in the vault at Lourensford Wine Estate are kept in traditional cellar conditions. Each case that is consigned is issued a secure digital ownership certificate (NFT) that can be bought in the Vaulted online cellar. Ownership can be traded freely online, or redeemed on-site at the Estate (or shipped from there).

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Once consigned, we store your wine in perfect cellar conditions at a secure facility on Lourensford Wine Estate.


You will receive an NFT as proof of ownership and digital representation of your wines.


Wine NFTs can be traded freely, earning royalties on resales, before being redeemed or shipped.

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